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Cyber Insurance and Technology/Security Experts from Top Companies in One Location

Our experts come from leading insurance companies, brokerage firms and law firms. Question include coverage, pricing, policy exclusions and claims questions.

Our security and technology experts can answer questions regarding database, cloud computing, communication, infrastructure, mobile, security, etc

Select an Expert(s) by Cyber Insurance or Technology. Experts are listed upon clicking “Ask an Expert”):

Ask a question and choose up to ten experts to respond. Select the best answer.

  • Cyber Insurance: Includes first party and third party coverage. Go to Ask an Expert
  • Technology: Includes database, cloud computing, communication, infrastructure, mobile, security, legal, etc. Go to Ask an Expert

Client Satisfaction

For client confidence, companies can also use independent and verified client “Overall Satisfaction” surveys and ratings by Business Data Logic.For more info, see “Resources > Client Satisfaction” on menu.


“One Click” Convenience

A user (example: insured to retail agent/broker or retail agent/broker to insurance company/wholesale broker) asks an important question regarding cyber insurance.

A user can also ask a security question and receive responses from technology experts.

The user can select up to ten insurance or technology experts to receive and compare answers. Review answers. Answers will assist in determining qualifications of companies and enable a user to make insurance policy placement decisions and address security issues in a competitive market place.

No Cost Service – Review your policy and ask our experts for advice:

  • You can select to review advice from underwriters, brokers, claim specialists, actuaries, technology/security specialists and lawyers.
  • You can select which companies to receive answers.
  • You can also select to receive multiple answers, so you can choose the best qualified expert for business and insurance purposes.
  • You can use FREE optional video conferencing to both speak and see experts.

Associations and Professional Organizations

We can design an “Ask an Expert” program specifically for your association or organization for members to use regarding receiving expert advice concerning cyber insurance and security protection. No cost to users!

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