Cyber Attack Risk Factors

Cyber Attack

To determine the vulnerability of companies and organizations to cyber attacks insurance underwriters and brokers need market intelligence for industry segment, size and location.


  • Type of Industry
  • Size
  • Geographic Location

Industry Statistics:

  • Number of Security Incidents
  • Source of Attacks
  • Incident Impact on an Organization
  • Estimated Total Financial Loss as a Result of Security Incidents
Cyber Attack Probabilities

For an individual profile of an account go to Cyber Attack Risk Statistics. You can also download an excel spreadsheet of industry statistics for cyber risk.

Industry Classification

n Aerospace & Defense n Agriculture
n Consulting/Professional Services n Consumer Products & Retail
n Education and Non Profit n Energy, Utilities and Mining
n Engineering and Construction n Entertainment and Media
n Financial Services n Forest, Paper and Packaging
n Government Services n Health Industry
n Hospitality, Travel and Leisure n Industrial and Manufacturing
n Technology n Telecommunications
n Transportation and Logistics    
n Small is less 100 million n Medium is 100 million to 999 million
n Large is greater than 1 billion    
n All n Europe
n North America n South America
n Asia n Middle East and S. Africa
Individual Account Comparison

Insurance Policy Metrics (patent pending) allows a user to aggregate multiple variables and evaluate a policy (coverage, claim payment and premium) in comparison to other policies with a singular numerical factor.

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