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The Cyber Risk Forum is an online discussion site on Cyber Insurance News where members can post questions or comments and others can view and reply to these messages. A discussion forum can be an effective engagement tool.

Forum Categories:

n Underwriting n Security
n Cyber Attacks n Claims
n Insurance Policy Issues n Crisis Management

A forum can benefit members, volunteers and/or supporters by providing a way to:

  • connect and network with other members or supporters,
  • share information,
  • offer feedback or opinions,
  • ask questions and get answers,
  • have an additional means of interacting with members/supporters,
  • develop relationship and engage new clients,
  • receive insightful feedback and information that can be used in planning or decision-making.

Our members come from leading insurance companies, brokerage firms, insured companies and organizations, security and technology companies and law firms.


Forum Policies

The Cyber Risk Forum provides a place for the cyber insurance and security community to congregate, collaborate, discuss and share their ideas. It offers a member insight that can be used to better serve his/her business. Creating real engagement can take a lot of work. However, an active forum can be a real boon to a company or an organization.

As with all social media, there are clear policies rules of use for all visitors/users of the forum. Most forums have a “terms of use” or “forum rules” document that new visitors are asked to review. This outlines guidelines on what will or will not accepted in postings on a forum. In addition, whomever is tasked with managing or acting as administer on the forum will need to have clear direction on process to follow regarding problem postings. If a moderators does need to remove or modify a post in a forum, they they must promptly post a notice alerting people as to why this was done.

There are two types of forums:

  • moderated forums where posts are submitted through and approved by a moderator (or administrator),
  • non-moderated forums, where visitors post messages directly.

To participate in a forum you must be a registered member.

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