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nCircle PureCloud™

Web-based Network Security Scanning for Small to Medium Businesses

nCircle PureCloud is the first network security scanning service that scans internal and external networks without requiringadditional hardware or software to be deployed.

PureCloudcombines powerful enterprise class security technology used bythe largest companies and government organizations in the worldwith a unique, easy to use browser-based scanning technology toscan both external and internal networks.

The service discovers and inventories all devices, identify where they are vulnerable and provide recommendations on how to secure them.

Prior to PureCloud, network security scanning has been largely inaccessible to smaller organizations. In order to accurately scan internal networks with previous solutions, organizations had to install a hardware or software scanners on the internal network and potentially change firewall configurations. For smaller organizations, the expenditure and management of these options is a significant roadblock. PureCloud eliminates the need for these on-premise solutions; simply use a standard web browser,

Download a small PureCloud Secure Connector and scan the entire network.


How It Works

nCircle PureCloud uses a small, downloadable Secure Connector to establish a highly secureencrypted tunnel between the customer’s network and nCircle’s scanning service, and throughthat tunnel nCircle performs a full scan of an organization’s network. PureCloud includes a simple wizard-based interface that anyone, regardless of skill level, can use to maintain a healthy security posture across their entire network.

  1. PureCloud delivers accurate information about all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses on a network and prioritizes those representing the highest risk with clear guidance on how to fix them.
  2. Circle PureCloud Is Highly Secure
  3. Circle PureCloud was designed with security as a top priority. Customer data is encrypted and segregated to ensure security and confidentiality.
  4. All nCircle PureCloud connections are secure, utilizing SSL encryptions and VeriSign certificates, just like banks us.
  5. No additional hardware or software is required, so there's nothing extra to manage and secure.
  6. Customer data is encrypted from the cloud to the customer's internal network.

Free trial features include:

  • Unlimited scanning
  • Full vulnerability assessment for 1 IP with remediation links
  • Export reports to a PDF file
  • Subscriptions include all free features plus:
  • Full assessment details for each IP with remediation links
  • Export reports to CSV or XML Scheduled scans
  • Scheduled scans

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