Susan James


Susan James is Senior Vice President of Technology Risk at U.S. Mutual Insurance Company, Inc. Ms. James is a responsible for global underwriting of all cyber risk products In North America and Europe. Previously, she held senior positions in underwriting at major insurance companies.

Ms. James is an expert in underwriting a wide range of corporate and financial services risks for cyber insurance and professional liability insurance. She regularly participates on panels at major industry conferences and is also editor of the company blog on cyber risk and insurance and a member of PLUS.

U.S. Mutual is able to offer policy limits of up to $25 million including both first party and third party coverage. Insurance is offered on both an admitted and non-admitted basis. The company has offices in twenty principal cities.

Susan is a graduate of Boston University and received an MBA from New York University.


Susan James, Senior Vice President
U.S. Mutual insurance Group, Inc.
Two Wall Street
20th floor
New York, NY 10281
212 555-1212

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