Security Notification Laws

Security breach laws mandate provisions requiring companies and organizations to notify individuals of security breaches of information involving personally identifiable information.


Go to Alaska Code 45.48.010

Go to Arizona Code 44-7501

Go to Arkansas Code 4-110-101

Go to California Code 1798.291798.80 et seq.

Go to Colorado Code 6-1-716

Go to Connecticut Code 36a-701b

Go to District of Columbia Code 28-3851

Go to Delaware Code 12B-10.

Go to Florida Code 17.5681

Go to Georgia Code 10-10819

Go to Hawaii Code 487N-1

Go to Idaho Code 28-51-104 to -107

Go to Illinois Code 530/1 to 530/25

Go to Indiana Code 4-1-11., 24-4.9 et seq.

Go to Iowa Code 715C.1, 715C.2

Go to Kansas Code 50-7a01

Go to Kentucky Code H.B. 5, H.B. 232

Go to Louisana Code 51:3071.

Go to Maine Code 1347.

Go to Maryland Code

Go to Masschusetts Code

Go to Michigan Code 445.63, 445.72

Go to Minnesota Code 325E.61, 325E.64

Go to Mississippi Code


Go to Missouri Code 407.1500

Go to Montana Code 2-6-504, 30-14-1701 et seq.

Go to Nebraska Code Nebraska Code 87-801, -802, -803, -804, -805, -806, -807

Go to Nevada Code 603A.010 et seq., 242.183

Go to New Hampshire Code 359-C:19, -C:20, C:21

Go to New Jersey Code 56:8-163

Go to New York Code 899-aa, N.Y. State Tech. Law 208

Go to North Carolina Code 75-61, 75-65

Go to North Dakota Code 51-30-01 et seq.

Go to Ohio Code 1347.121349.19, 1349.191, 1349.192

Go to Oklahoma Code 74-3113.1, 24-161 to -166

Go to Oregon Code 646A.600 et seq.

Go to Pennslvania Code 2301

Go to Rhode Island Code 11-49.2-1 et seq.

 Go to South Carolina Code 39-1-90, 2013 H.B. 3248

Go to Tennessee Code 47-18-2107

Go to Texas Code 521.002, 521.053, 37.007(b)(5)

Go to  Utah Code 13-44-101

Go to Vermont Code 2430, 2435

Go to Virginia Code 18.2-186.632.1-127.1:05

Go to Washington Code 19.255.010, 42.56.590

Go to West Virginia Code 46A-2A-101 et seq.

Go to Wisconsin Code 134.98

Go to Wyoming Code 40-12-501 et seq.

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