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Cyber Insurance News attacts all insurance professionals in the cyber insurance industry.

Potential candidates are virtually “guaranteed” to see a job placement ad relevant to their qualifications and field of interest. No longer do you need “hit and miss” tactics for recruitment.

There is a moderate annual fee and no charge for listing individual jobs or time limits.

Insurance Jobs Network Fee Schedule

  • Employers can list a job for only $500 for a six (6) month period.
  • Additional Job Posting Slots are available.
  • There is no fee based on a successful hiring.
  • The Insurance Jobs Network is recommended for positions requiring from 3 to 10 years of experience. Senior positions requiring more experience can also be listed.
  • There is no cost for candidates in reviewing or applying for a position.

Most jobs are posted on our Home Page for easy viewing.

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Simply write a short two or three sentence job description and we link directly to your company HR job listing page. It’s that simple!


The Insurance Jobs Network at Cyber Insurance News is specifically dedicated to the cyber insurance industry and is cost effective.

On a daily basis Cyber Insurance News is viewed by executive/managers, underwriters, claims specialists, brokers, risk managers, lawyers, consultants, security experts and more.

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Executive Recruitment Staff at Insurance Jobs Network

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